How to update your theme.

When the theme is updated, you will be notified by the Bootstrap Themes platform with a link to download the latest version.

It's recommended to review the changelog for the update to see if there are any changes to HTML structure or the classes used in the CSS that you need to account for.

Depending on your customization method, there are two strategies for updating: using the compiled files or using the source files.

Updating compiled files

To update the compiled files replace the old CSS and JS files with the newer versions.

All these files are in the dist/assets folder of the theme.

Updating source files

If you are working with the SCSS files you should replace all the files in src/assets/scss (excepting _user-vars.scss and _users.scss that contain your changes) and then compile the theme using the build tools.

Notice that if you use the build tools included with the theme, JS files are included automatically to the dist folder. If you use your own tools remember to update those files too.

If you’re really struggling with an update, don’t hesitate to reach out to the theme's support.